Preparation – Singapore 1978

Delegates at the Skål World Congress in Singapore in 1978 were treated to an unusual photographic exhibition entitled “Portrait of Macau”. Though the eyes of photographers, this was Macau’s way of introducing itself to the International Association of Skål Clubs in preparation for its application to form a Skål Club in the enclave.

The Beginning – 1979

Shortly afterwards, in January 1979, a special dinner party took place at the Riviera Restaurant in Macau. Michael O’Flynn, the Director of Extensions of the A.I.S.C. at the time, traveled to the enclave to officially inaugurate the Skål Club of Macau. The guest of honour at the party was Governor Garcia Leandro. As the Club was formed as an affiliate of Skål Clubs of Portugal, Mrs. Rogerio Leão, wife of the President of the Skål Club of Lisbon, also made the journey to Macau to join the celebration. The highlight of the party was when Mr. O’Flynn handed over the Skål Club Charter to first President, Dr. Jorge Rangel, Director of Information and Tourism for Macau.

Asian Area Skal Assembly -1981

Back in 1981 Macau co-hosted the Assembly together with the Skål Club of Hong Kong by arranging a day trip to Macau. Over 120 delegates from Asia, as well as some from Adelaide, Brussels, Madrid and Zimbabwe, enjoyed a lavish buffet at the Hotel Lisboa and an afternoon tour. In the evening they attended the Crazy Paris Show, which was followed by a Portuguese night hosted by the Macau Government Tourist Office and the Skål Club of Macau. The entertainment included Portuguese folk dancing and music by the popular band Tuna Macanese.

Skal Club of Macau – Part of Asian Region / 1991

As the years progressed, it was felt that as Macau was so far from Portugal, it would really make more sense to be classified under Asia. So, in 1991, President Graham Blakey made application to Portugal for the Skål Club of Macau to become independent. Portugal agreed to the suggestion and Macau, the little piece of Europe in Asia, became part of Asian region.

XXV Asian Assembly – 1994

In 1992, in Taipei, Graham Blakey made an initial proposal to host an Assembly. Two years later, in Colombo, President Gerhard Kropp submitted, and won, the formal bid to host the XXV Asian Assembly – much to the delight of all the Macau Skalleagues.

XXXVI Asian Skal Congress & Assembly – 2007

Held at the Macau Tower & Entertainment Centre and the StarWorld Hotel from 24 to 27 May 2007, the XXXVI Asian Skal Congress & Assembly counted with 106 participants. We had the honour and pleasure of having Mr. Phil Simms, Vice-President of Skal International and Mr. Jim Power, Secretary of Skal international participating for the entire congress.